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If you have dental anxiety or a complex dental procedure coming up, dental sedation and dental anesthesia at Graystone Dental Centre may be right for you. Dr. Beaulne & Dr. Brown believe that their patients should never have to experience unnecessary anxiety or worry when it comes to getting the dental care they need.

At Graystone Dental Centre, we offer sedation dentistry options for all procedures, including:

  • Root canals

  • Tooth extractions

  • Dental implants

  • Cavity fillings

  • Crowns & Bridges

  • Cosmetic treatments like veneers 

  • Gum disease treatments

IV Sedation

Using an intravenous injection, a saline solution containing a sedative medication is used to put patients “to sleep” during a dental procedure.

You are not truly “asleep” like you are under general anesthesia, but your level of consciousness is significantly reduced, and you often won’t remember anything about the dental procedure.

Because this solution is delivered directly to your bloodstream, the dentist can easily control your level of sedation and dental anesthesia, and any adjustment will have immediate results.


Oral Sedation

Oral sedation uses a pill-based sedative, usually Halcion or Ativan (similar to Valium). This pill is taken an hour or two before your procedure, based on the recommendation of your dentist.

Like IV sedation, this pill will reduce your level of consciousness, and you may fall asleep or “forget” the procedure entirely.

Man Sleeping
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