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Say "Goodbye" To The Dreaded Root Canal

At Graystone Dental Centre, we’re ushering in a new kind of root canal experience.
Our ultimate goal is to take the most conservative approach possible. We’ll stop decay in its tracks and do what we can to prevent a future root canal. But if decay has already reached the nerve of your tooth, we’re here for you.
With a high-tech approach and extra attention to your comfort, we’ll take care of your infected tooth and restore its health.
Are you suffering from a constant toothache or pulsating pain in your jaw?

It may be a sign that decay and infection are in the nerve of your tooth.

Are you experiencing intense tooth sensitivity?

Your tooth may feel sensitive to pressure and temperatures, including lingering sensitivity lasting longer than 10 seconds.

Does your jaw bone feel sore and sensitive to the touch?

The infection in your tooth will eventually spread to the rest of your body. You may begin to feel pain in your jaw and neck.

Have you chipped or fractured your tooth?

Even small breaks and chips in your teeth can fuel cavities and infection.

Are you feeling any swelling around the gums or teeth?

An infected tooth will eventually create a swelling of the gums down near the root level of the tooth.

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