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Dental Veneers: The Easy Way to Fix Stained or Crooked Teeth

Do you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your smile? Let Dr. Beaulne &  Dr. Brown take a look and find out if veneers are right for you!

Veneers are designed to breathe life into your smile. Made of tooth-coloured porcelain, veneers are thin and durable shells that attach to the front of your teeth, hiding cracks, chips, stains, and gaps.

This cosmetic solution is incredibly versatile, conservative and long-lasting. Each porcelain veneer is custom crafted to fit your mouth and match seamlessly with your surrounding teeth for a natural and beautiful look.

The result is a brand new and improved smile that you’ll feel confident about sharing with the world.

If you’re ready to put your best smile forward, it’s time to consider veneers.

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