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Are you scared of the dentist?

Are you worried about being over-charged?

Maybe you’ve had a traumatizing experience as a child and now it’s been YEARS since seeing a dentist…

Or maybe that scary experience just happened last year and you’ve VOWED to never see a dentist again; but your toothache in getting worse and your Advil & Tylenol cocktail is no longer taking the edge off.

You feel nervous, anxiety is creeping in as you step foot into the clinic. Your palms are sweating and you start fidgeting with your phone.

You’re getting a little snappy with the receptionist, but you don’t mean to – you are just FREAKING OUT inside. What if this dentist is the exact same as the other scary ones? What if I feel pain?!

Cleanings feel awkward with the hygienist asking, “when was the last time you flossed?” Uhhhh…don’t you remember? You were there! You promised her last time that you would floss more, but then you remember that you don’t even really know HOW to do it properly.

With a hygienist scaling your open mouth, you’re feeling self-conscious of your teeth. If only your parents had paid for braces, then maybe you’d feel comfortable showing your smile more often. Instead you’re too busy worrying about that crooked front tooth and wondering if some of your lunch is stuck between your molars.

X-rays, fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, gum grafts, root canal - all of these dental terms that mean nothing to you, but all sound terrifying. All you know is that “treatment” is covered by your insurance, but you’re not even sure what’s getting done.

What is “co-pay” and how do I know that what the office is billing to my insurance is correct?

You’re thinking: Why am I like this? Where did this all go wrong? Why can’t I enjoy coming to the dental office?

Imagine if it weren't like this...

Imagine booking your dental appointment, smiling, and going on with your day. That total sense of anxiety wiped away – since you know you’re well taken care of at your dental office.

Imagine going in for your appointment and being greeted by friendly receptionists – who are actually getting to know you on a first-name basis. Instead of them having to ask, “what’s your name?” every time you walk in.

Imagine feeling comfortable in the dental chair, watching a show, listening to your headphones, and then realizing that the dentist has already FINISHED freezing your mouth. You didn’t even feel a poke!

Imagine how proud your dental hygienist will be when you tell her that you HAVE kept up with your flossing, but mostly because her flossing tutorial was so helpful last time and you now realize the benefits of having healthy gums.

Imagine turning your dental experience from scary and annoying, to really enjoyable.

At the Dentist

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You cringe every time the dentist says, “you have a cavity” because you’re so scared of the needle.

  • You feel frustrated with your dental insurance because you thought you had 100% coverage, but no one is explaining what that actual means.

  • You feel like every single dental term is wayyyy out of your vocabulary, and it all seems confusing to you

Here at Graystone Dental, we are committed to helping you enjoy your dental experience – starting from when you first walk in, until you check out. You feel nervous and you’re tired of avoiding the dental office, knowing that routine appointments are necessary. We help you understand the treatment you’re getting done, make you feel comfortable and relaxed, and provide flexible booking options, so that you can trust your entire dental experience.

As a result of coming to our office you’ll…

  • Feel welcomed and comfortable with our loving staff.

  • Have confidence in your dental experience – knowing you can TRUST the work getting done.

  • Feel excited about your upcoming dental appointment, feeling like you really are a part of a community when you’re there.

  • Feel confident in the treatment getting billed to your insurance – knowing exactly what was done, and what to expect after your appointment.

What does all of this mean?

You’ll know what treatment you’re getting BEFORE you get it. We prioritize the advancement of our dental technology so that you’re getting a top-notch experience every time you come in.

You’ll feel welcomed as soon as you step foot into the clinic. Knowing our entire team is dedicated to getting to know our patients with love and respect.

You need a solution so that you and your family can get the dental experience you so deserve! So that you don’t have to feel nervous every time you book an appointment. It’s time to transform your views on visiting the Dentist – so that you can actually enjoy your time spent at our clinic.

This is why we pride ourselves on our friendliness, compassion, understanding, and care.


We know you’ll love it here.

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