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9714 Main St, #101 Fort McMurray, AB T9H 1T6, Canada     |     Tel: 780-743-5958


Dr. Beaulne and Dr. Brown have studied many aspects of dentistry, including implant dentistry and cosmetics. Backed by a caring and highly skilled team, our dentists will deliver the customized dental care you and your loved ones deserve. We’ll talk with you about your oral health goals, teach you how to properly care for your teeth and gums, and help you overcome disease, decay, and other dental issues.

General & Preventive

Please schedule checkups and professional dental cleanings every six months for you and your family members. These brief visits can save you hours in the dental chair and significant expense in the future! Preventive dental care, such as checkups, dental sealants, and mouth guards, will protect your oral health and improve the potential for you to keep your teeth throughout life.


If you’d like to look younger and more attractive, but you hesitate at the expense and invasiveness of cosmetic surgery, consider cosmetic dentistry. From simple teeth whitening to veneers, bonding, and full smile makeovers, cosmetic dentistry can give you the youthful, unforgettable smile you want!


Restorative Dental Care

Modern restorative dentistry is conservative, which means that Dr. Beaulne and Dr. Brown try to preserve as much healthy, natural tooth structure as possible. The dentists also respect the beauty of your smile, so they often recommend porcelain crowns and white fillings. These dental materials provide strength and blend in with natural teeth, so no one has to know you’ve had dental work!

Replacement Teeth

Missing teeth compromise quality of life. Eating, speaking, and smiling can become difficult. Dr. Beaulne and Dr. Brown offer natural-looking replacement teeth to restore your full smile and give you back the life you deserve.

State of the Art Technology

Contemporary dental science has transformed the way dental offices function. Now, we can provide more comfortable, precise dentistry faster than ever. Some of our tools help with accurate diagnostics and patient education, while others enhance patient comfort. Dr. Beaulne and Dr. Brown continually research and test modern dental technology, then bring what they consider to be the best of the best into our office.

Anesthesia, Sedation, & Your Comfort


Our team is trained to provide gentle care and an understanding chairside presence. We are sincerely concerned about your comfort and peace of mind. As members of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS), our dentists can administer an oral sedative for an intensely relaxing dental experience. We also have hospital privileges, so if you require general anesthesia for any procedure, we will work with an anesthesiologist to cater to your unique needs. When you visit, if we can do anything to make your experience more pleasant, please don’t hesitate to ask. Making you smile is our goal.